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Welding technology

TPC welding

Extensive knowledge of welding technology for the highest demands.

TPC is a certified welding company according to DIN EN ISO 3824-2 with our own welding personnel on every level. From quotation to final acceptance, we have certified welding personnel according to DIN EN ISO 14731 to ensure your quality standard.

Our core competence is the processing of austenitic CrNi; corrosion resistant; heat resistant steels and Ni-based alloys, where we hold numerous Welding Procedure Approval Test Certificates according to DIN EN ISO 15614 and AD-2000 HP2/1.

Our welders and operators are all tested and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1/-4 and DIN EN ISO 14732 respectively.

Welding technology

Welding procedure

Our current welding procedures:

141/142 TIG [Tungsten-Inert Gas Welding]- with and without filler metal, manual, mechanized, automatized and orbital.

15 PAW [Plasma welding]

111 E-Hand [Electric arc welding]

135 MAG [Metal active gas welding]

Welding technology


Zwei Schweißroboter gehören fest zum Team und übernehmen bei Kleinserien mit WIG und MAG Schweißoperationen.